Enterprise-Grade Security and Virus Protection

Our enterprise-grade virus protection and security will keep all your servers, workstations, and company data safe so that you can rest easy.

Evvo IT team of experts handle your security needs

You will be free to focus on your business while we take care of your security policies, access control, malware and antivirus protection. We do all the heavy lifting in security, so you don't have to.

Antivirus & Endpoint

Don't suffer loss or theft; let our automatic security software and antivirus protect your workstations and devices from any virus or malware.

Protect your servers

We scan, monitor security issues, and backup your servers 24/7. Add this essential service with the click of a button.

Deep Security Audit

We do an in-depth security audit of your current plans; assessing hardware, physical security, cloud, retention, policies, and more.

Secure Cloud Servers

Cloud servers come with many conveniences, but choosing the wrong one can come at a high price. Our experts help you select a cloud service with maximum security configurations so that you can avoid common hazards.

Controlled User Access

Don't overlook controlled access to employee data. We help you set up secure and controlled access in this often overlooked area.

Employee Training

Train your employees in basic security measures and policy, and implement your new security plans without disrupting workflow.

Get a Complimentary Consultation

Want to find out just how protected your company is, as well as ways to improve upon your current security? Fill out this form, and we will give you a complimentary first assessment of your organization’s security status, and give you suggestions on improving it!

A complete offering of business security services

We meet your business's needs by offering a broad range of services related to security. We have the tools for everything from user training to cloud security, as well as the more traditional antivirus and security software.

Fully Managed Security

Evvo IT central office manages all our security plans, leaving you with worry-free protection, monitoring, issue mitigation, and reports. We handle it all, and you can concentrate fully on the business side of things. 

Protection That Won't Cramp Your Style

Worried about slowing down your system with protection technology? Our protection tools run in the background, highly effective when it comes to safekeeping your technology; without slowing you down.