Cloud Services and Email

Your business documents, calendars, contacts, and email, secure in a cloud.

Business continuity in the cloud

At Evvo IT we give you better security, easier access, and more for your money. We choose cloud services for your email, contacts, and documents with care.

The Best Email on a World Basis

Whether you choose Google Apps Business or Microsoft Exchange, you will be using the services that nearly all universities or Fortune 500 companies use. With us, you will have access to the best in emails, calendars, and contact organization.

Your Data Anywhere

Productivity in your hands wherever you are. Using cloud services you will be able to keep up with work on your phone, guest machines, or tablet. We offer full access everywhere you go.

Cloud Server Consultation

Meet with an expert cloud specialist to determine which technologies are right for your company. Compare the benefits of popular services and understand their differences.